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We are thrilled with the experience we have had. Not only have the tutors Karleen and Jessie really helped to build our son’s confidence when it comes to testing, but they also make his time there fun and rewarding- he looks forward to going!


Jessie has gone above and beyond working with us – she attended meetings at school to help advocate changes that would better support his learning, made practice tests to build his confidence and most importantly has been extremely supportive on his behalf. Additionally, she really knew the in’s and out’s of our education system and how to best prepare and educate our child.


We cannot say enough positive things about the tutors– we highly recommend them to any parent who wants to give their kids that extra advantage or chance to become more successful.

Kent and Pamela D.


Jessie, the Executive Director is an amazing tutor and I highly recommend her. Jessie is very knowledgeable in most all subjects and has a special way of motivating students of all ages. I have two high school students tutoring with Jessie on a regular basis and both of them have increased their passion for studying and have seen significant improvement in their grades and SAT and ACT scores as a result of her tutoring. In addition, both of them really enjoy working with her and look forward to their sessions. My children have had several tutors over the last 10 years and Jessie is by far the most effective tutor. My kids rate her best tutor they have ever had.

Kathy T.


My daughter is currently enrolled with Jessie. After initially being reluctant towards attending, she now looks forward to her sessions. The tutors and staff are kind, encouraging, and supportive. This, coupled with a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere in a spacious facility, promotes focused and effective learning. I have already seen a marked improvement in my child’s academics. I emphatically recommend Centerpoint to anyone who is looking for academic support for their child.

Lisa B., CSR


I highly recommend the tutoring services provided by Centerpoint. My 7th grade daughter was struggling with her math fundamentals. From the very first lesson with Jessie, my daughter gained confidence and began to understand the lessons being presented in school. Over a short period of time, she improved two grade levels. She has continued to excel in her math studies.


My 9th grade daughter was frustrated with her Algebra class. After a few Pre-Test lessons with Jessie, my daughter’s comment was, “Why didn’t I understand this before? Jessie made it so easy to understand Algebra!”


I would like to say, Jessie takes the time to approach the lesson in a manner that the child can understand. I whole-heartedly recommend Jessie for helping your child!

Ann Marie C.

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